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Increase your presence on the Web! Under $80/year! Awesome Web Advertising Service designed to drive more traffic to your website and keep your advertising budget. Flat rate. No Pay Per Click charges. You get unlimited clicks when web surfers find you on the search engines, on Web Business Directories and on blog site links! Add your text, images and a YouTube Video inside your Web Full Page Ad with different links to your website. Edit your Ad as often as desired, no extra charges !

Flat rate under $80/year unlimited clicks. Yearly Plan option, your Ad posted to 30+ Blog Sites!

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SEO TIP: Create a web buzz with good advertising and make use of free advertising. Creating a web presence on the internet is different than creating a web site. Web presence means getting found on as many search engines as possible while minimizing your costs. Get your web site known out there on the internet and make sure all your business cards, envelopes, letterheads and other stationery items have your web site address on it. Most if not all promotional items or gifts you give away should have your web site address on it so you get more exposure. Join twitter.com and facebook.com and email your friends your web site or better have them add your web site to their web site. Consider blogs, auto blog posts, increasing your links and auto posting to your facebook and twitter accounts. LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus can also have corporate account pages that you can customize for your business and link to.